Mafia of Ling Deti

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Ling Deti

 Ling Deti

Young Station
Ling Deti
al-Khayyam Point
Ling Deti
Farmer Laboratory
Ling Deti
Taylor Settlement
Ling Deti
Youll Vision
Ling Deti

Factions à proximité

Faction Système Contrôle Distance
Dvorsi Empire Assembly Dvorsi
4.40 Ly
Constitution Party of Gubian Gubian 5.35 Ly
Dvorsi Empire Assembly Ombiko 6.50 Ly
New Maunggu Constitution Party Maunggu 10.50 Ly
Ac Yariu Creative Commodities Bactondinks
10.87 Ly
Gaula Wu Emperor's Grace Gaula Wu 11.08 Ly
The Order of Mobius Jimavi 12.51 Ly
Negrito Power Exchange Negrito
12.74 Ly
Ch'in Yang Empire Assembly Misk
12.85 Ly
Erh Lohra Dominion Chehoong Po
12.88 Ly
Movement for Nzamnet Republic Party Nzamnet 12.99 Ly
Tepertsi Exchange Dievat 13.52 Ly
Ch'in Yang Travel Exchange Ch'in Yang
13.82 Ly
The Order of Mobius Exioce 13.96 Ly
CD-45 973 & Co CD-45 973 15.00 Ly
Morana Patrons of Law Morana
15.03 Ly
Lavigny's Legion NLTT 10055 16.32 Ly
Badia Empire Group CD-51 881 16.34 Ly
Calhuacan Gold Dragons Calhuacan 17.25 Ly
Lavigny's Legion Murus
17.28 Ly
Azrael Crimson Galactic Ind Azrael 17.29 Ly
LTT 1739 Empire Consulate LTT 1739
17.31 Ly
Ac Yariu Creative Commodities Ac Yariu
17.45 Ly
Lavigny's Legion Acokwang
17.53 Ly
Badia Empire Group Badia
17.59 Ly