Log book

Cmdr Erik_Los
Courier, Trader, Explorer, Miner, Mercenary, Bounty Hunter, Passenger transport
Commander's prologue.
-What happened prior to the accidental memory loss of CMDR Erik. And what had happened before that?

Entry #9471 / 23 May 3307 / System Colonia

[Incoming transmission.]

[decrypting transmission.]

[downloading files 1 of 3 .... 2 of 3 .... 3 of 3 ..... done.]


Stardate 1404.3306.

Hello CMDR Erik of Los.

Unfortunately I am still not able to meet you in person however, I've spend quit some time in this matter of yours.

The first time we met was back in 3305 February 6th 21:23:45. Now more than one and a half year  later we hear from you again. You've lost more then just your memory, my friend.

I have in cooperation with the Colonia Council placed a formal request at the Pilot's Federation to reissue an Pilots license to you.

We had to fill in some blanks because we did not have all the answers, but your blood work came in handy. I took the liberty to run some additional tests and i discovered some more interesting facts. You are some what of an enigma Erik. The more answers we find the ore questions we get.

The nanobots in your eye react differently upon being scanned, the doctor missed this because he wasn't looking to extract that kind of information. How ever different information is obtained when scanning each eye separately. When both eyes are scanned of lets say facial recognition the information returned is you Erik  -nolastname (which is now altered in Erik of Los)

But when scanning the left eye the name Edward Lennox is presented, and for the right eye the name Ennius Litumaris is being presented. This is not an common feature to CMDRs. However I have seen these result before. There most used between agents of the superpowers, double agents, operators from more shady organization like the Dark Wheel, the club and even the NMLA.

And they are also used by high profile traders, because it's always nice trading when everybody rolls out the red carpet upon your arrival.

Running the names trough various databases I discovered that both names have ships registered with similar ID's as your ship so I run an generic galactic ship ID search. Ships popped up in this region and also in the bubble. Achenar, Sol, Deciat, Alioth and Shinrarta Dezhra

Combining names and ship id's gives us the following outcome:

Edward is linked to an ship id in the Sol system (EL-SM1)

-Rank includes appropriate permits

Ennius is linked to an ship id in the Achenar systems (EL-SM2)

-Rank includes appropriate permits

The ship in Alioth returned blank so maybe it returned back as a false positive.

One ship is docked at an Engineer, in Deciat. Don't know the correlation but there you have it.

I also discovered you have a dozen unrelated permits to your name including the Shinrarta Dezhra permit.

All other ships are connected to you apparently, including the one here as well as the ship in the Los system. (EL-SM3)

The names also produced Access cards belonging to Edward and Ennius I have included them with your new pilots license in the transmission. For your new license I had to put in your profession. Congratulations, you are now the founder of a Freelance company in Trading/Combat and Exploration and I named it "Los Triple Star Solutions". Hope you don't mind, but I had to put in something.

I've contacted some people from Los Services Ltd they are most happy to provide you with food and shelter anytime you are here. Just ask!

Take precaution on the following. You should be very careful when in the vicinity of these (Federation an Empire) systems as it is more likely to encounter either Edward or Ennius in the flesh so to speak.

I truly hope you will find what you are looking for.



Entry #9470 / 23 May 3307 / System Colonia

** Jaques Station - running tests **
- Good morning Bella is Jaques in al ready?
Good morning, you're late and no he is not, but the doctor is waiting for you in the medical bay.
- May I have a coffee first?
Only to go, now go!

Hello CMDR Erik, you seem to have lost a piece of your history am I correct?
- Yeah I had this accident and now a kinda lost it all
Let's see if we can remedy that, please take off your upper clothing so we can properly scan you. I have to draw some blood and tissue samples as well, if you don't mind.
- Nope, let's do this.
This might sting a little.
While the scan is running I can process the samples, it will take just a moment. One of the upsides if your an ally!
All done, let's see.
All functions normal there are just some remnants of severe abdominal trauma, which is strange because of the large amount of nanobot's in your system. It is strange that they didn't fix that already inducing that nasty scar.
- Wait nonobot's?
Nanobot's, small repair robot's basically a small repair army, but in your case they couldn't finish the job, that may be the reason of your memory loss.
No problems with your stomach? Feel any pain when eating something?
- No, but the robot's in me???
There an complement to your well being, I'm guessing your trauma was so extensive the nanobot's took a lot of energy repairing your body that they run in to a sleep mode to preserve energy and couldn't fix the scar.
Moving on to your eye's, well technically there not yours, there implants, cloned, gray in color. I wonder to what function you had to change them out, there is no further evidence of you being a clone, we would have to further examine you.
- Can the nanobots be reactivated? So they can repair me?
I'm sorry but that is outside of my knowledge. As far as I can determine, you are physically fine, just take good care of your stomach the next couple of day's ok? I also hope that with enough rest your memory will come to you as well.
take care, and if your start feeling strange, don't hesitate to come back!
- Thanks doc!
-[foto medlab]-

Entry #9469 / 22 May 3307 / System Colonia

** Jaques Station **
Welcome to Jaques Station CMDR, my name is Bella Lindsay. Unfortunately Jaques is required elsewhere so you're stuck wit me.
What can I do for you today?
- Well, that's a funny story actually. I had this uhm ... accident and now I've lost every thing. People told me that Jaques could help me out.
Ah I see well we will sort this out for you. Can I see your CMDR license please?
- Uhm ...
- Well uhm ...
I see, you lost it all didn't you. Let me run your face trough our database.
It's linked to Jaques neural network, so even though he isn't here he is still helping us out.
Ok, we have an positive hit on your facial markers, it return as, CMDR Erik... The funny part is that's it, no flight records, no ships, no ... nothing, weird.
Perhaps the Council has some information about you ... Logging in standby. There we go, the Council never fails you see. Most people coming in to Colonia visit the Council first.
Let's see. CMDR name is Erik, we already know that. Ah considered an ally of the Colonia Council as well Jaques. What else, hmmm we have an ship here in hangar four registered to an Erik -nolastname-.
You can request your ship to an pad at the booth of Inter Astra, ship ID is  ELX1C5.
And for your issue with your CMDR license ... Being Ally's has perks, come back tomorrow, we can hook you up with a new one, but that's up to Jaques.
Good luck  CMNDR Erik withnolastlame or license.
-Gee, thanks Bella.
-Let's have a word with our friends at Inter Astra before I get some shut eye.
I've booked the med bay also, so we can run some blood work. Make sure to check back here in the morning.

Entry #9468 / 22 May 3307 / System Los

** Almost there **

Good day CMDR, welcome to Murakami Gateway. Are you here for business or just a drink, says the bartender whilst hand gesturing me to a seat at the long side of the bar.

Well, I reply, I might have both if you don't mind.

No problem at all, whats your poison?

- A Beer 'll be fine.

So let's talk business.

-All right. I need a ticket to Jaques station.

My friend do I look like the APEX chump?

- Ha, the thing is I need one without the actual exchange of credits.

Sorry, but I don't do charity.

- Wanna smoke? I've got some packs of Kamitra's on me that could exchange hands for let's say a ticket to Jaques Station.

We don't have those around here often, you have them here? Let me talk to my APE-ex just sit tight, the beer is on the house!  

Entry #9467 / 22 May 3307 / System Los

** Small talk in the APEX **

The Apex shuttle docks at the far end of the hangar bay and without seeing or hearing anybody, or anything I could board the shuttle.

"Good day sir, sit back and enjoy the flight" the apex commander greets me. My name is Heath Huffman and I will be your pilot this trip.

Your lucky I know the grumpy little turd of an ATC because this pickup wasn't scheduled, was it?

-No, this was more of a matter of life and death, I reply with a smug on my face.

Ha yes, isn't it always, so whats your deal then? Because normally the most crafts landing here are automated collection crafts. I think I might woke the AC from his slumber some job hehe.

-Well I'm kinda looking for somebody in these here parts of the galaxy actually, but I only have an description of this person.

May I then suggest you go to Colonia, there is someone there you might want to speak to. He's a kind of legend you know. It's rumored "He never forgets a face".

-Ok were can I find him? because I think I really need to speak to him!

Go to Colonia and find Jaques, he is the bartender at Jaques Station, which he also owns. I could ferry you there, but unfortunately I'm already booked.

-No worry's I need to get supply's first, so just drop me off at Murakami.

We will be arriving there shortly, Murakami gateway this is APEX shuttle 735 with passenger on board, requesting docking clearance.

- Thanks for the ride, take care!

Have a good one sir! Thank you for using Apex Interstellar Transport.

Entry #9466 / 22 May 3307 / System Unknown

** the 'resurrection' of CMDR Erik_Los **

I wake up in an a escape pod. What happened? Where am I? Warning lights surround me and an AI voice tells me that the escape pod is malfunctioning.

Need to get out of this thing, like NOW.

Instead of being sucked into space -Randominus Factoria be thanked for that!- the pod hatch opens slightly and not long after every thing turns dark. There is something in front of the pod blocking my way out!

I lean my back in to the seat and push hard on the hatch witch in turn bangs against the shadow in front of me knocking it over. It appears to be a robot of some sort. Looks man made though.

I wander around of the complex which has the letters STO  on the walls. But what is it storing then? As I walk along, what looks like an aisle or pathway of some sort, lights in front of me start to light up.

All i see are rows upon rows of escape pods. And the robots scoot by, minding only to their task. What the h*ll is this place?!  

Sometimes the light find its way into an escape pod, some are empty, others are occupied although the occupants al seem deceased. Most of them look peaceful, others ... not so much. But way did I wake up?

As I wander further I find a wall mounted screen two aisles from where I'm standing, when I approach the screen blinks and turns on showing three columns. I press 'facilities' the first place I see is "Processing Rejects" when I press it it shows "STO" and "INC"

"STO" I know, that's STOrage, "INC" for incinerator maybe?

Next one is "HNR" when I press on that one a couple of "Flight decks" appear, ok so that's the "Hanger". That's gonna be my way out of here. When the screen turns black again I see that my flight suit had seen better day's,

the standard black suit is missing quit a significant stretch of fabric across my stomach.

I check if my remlock helmet is working but to no avail. It is broken.

Suddenly I hear a door opening not to far from me, and an rather odd buzz suddenly become ever so slightly louder and louder. A bigger robot appears but again pay no attention to me and passes right by in the direction from where I came.

Probably to fetch the one I knocked over, time to pick up the pace. There bound to find out that the robot didn't trip over its own shoelaces.

The door the robot came from has the marking "INC" next to it. When I turn around I see an other door on the opposite of this one it says "HNR". Nice!

Inside the Hangar bay which is basically one long street with the flight decks adjunct to it. Again a big complex hall, with no one inside, no people... So unworldly strange. I continue and finally find an flight deck with an vessel on the pad.

An sidewinder, now is not the time to be picky friend. As I sit down and somehow remember how to follow the starting procedure only to find the ships AI is not going to work with me "No pilot license detected" Ship shutdown imminent.

Crap! Now what!

Figure just ransack the place and move up to the next flight deck. And that was a golden decision. A good fitting flightsuit with mag boots to match , an sidearm and 2 clips of ammo where there just waiting on me. Gonna riffle trough the rest of the craft as well.

Found a small drop leg pouch with an medkit, energycell and a ration (MRE) in it, just getting better and better.

Let's see what happens when I put some pips to my suit. "Suit fully charged"   

So can't fly from here, perhaps someone can fly to me instead. With my suit powered on i might summon an Apex flight, just to get away from this place. Yes, local booking to the closest starport, Murakami Gateway, sure let's do that.

100 credits paid hmm ok I have some credits?

Just before I disembark the now useless Sidewinder I find a dufflebag tucked in the corner of the cargo rack, more stuff. I take a look inside and find a couple packs of Kamitra sigars, half a bottle of Lavian brandy, and a couple of harddrives.

"Shuttle inbound". I grab the dufflebag and exit the sidewinder. Your Shuttle has arrived!"

Ah my ride is here!