The Archon Horde

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Archon Delaine

The Archon Horde are a band of ruthless pirates loyal to the bastard son of the "Pirate King" Archon Delaine, Scourge of the Pegasi Sector.

The "Pirate King" is a tyranical dictator and does not tolerate any pretenders to his throne. Especially not an unwanted bastard son from a bar wench in some backwater extraction outpost.

Archon the Mongrel has determined to make a name for himself in his own right by carving out a territory of his own to run as he sees fit. While not wanting to remain in his father's shadow, the other Galactic Powers just see him as a puppet of the "Pirate King" and as such are naturally hostile to any minion of the Archon Horde.Much as his father, Archon the Mongrel is hostile to the main powers in the galaxy. Namely, the Federation, the Empire, and the Alliance. As a result of this, the Archon Horde would generally still support the Archon Delaine faction.