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Cmdr WRichter



A Lavigny-Duval

By the order of her grace Mavia Kain

The Holy Order of the Emperor's Inquisition, Is Calling on the faithful to join the grand inquisitions to cleanse Universe and protect the Imperium and the souls of humanity. The purpose of the Inquisition is to identify and destroy the myriad of potential threats to the Imperium and humanity. The organisation's members are agents known as Inquisitors.

"The weak will always be led by the strong. Where the strong see purpose and act, the weak follow; where the strong cry out against fate, the weak bow their heads and succumb. There are many who are weak; and many are their temptations. Despise the weak for they shall flock to the call of the Federation and Renegade Empire. Pity them not and scorn their cries of innocence - it is better that one hundred innocently fall before the wrath of the Emperor than one kneels before the Enemy!"

A new Elite Dangerous player faction created by a group of Twitch streamers. Focusing on player created content with in Elite Dangerous. Creating community other work using twitch to share our works with the world!

Under the leadership Mavia Kain a character totally created by the community you can check out every week for our in depth lore discussions. and take part in building our story! We Have based ourselves out of Brestla and have just successfully taken over the system  and are expanding at a rapid pace. Join Our Grand Inquisition today !