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Come Join The Path of The Sigil!

I've been flying solo for long enough, small time careers aren't enough anymore. I struggled a bit at first, so I would be happy to help along any new commanders that need it but Elites are definitely welcome. Looking to make a group that can bring some interesting new goals and comradery and hopefully help me take the galaxy. I am down for doing this in any way possible, and I hope to eventually become a power. I am actively piloting quite frequently so if you are a hardcore commander you are definitely welcome. I also want this to be a group that people feel comfortable being a part of even if they are landlocked more than out in the big black so any softcore commanders are also welcome.

Join my Wing on Inara at Ancient Sword

Frontier Forums at  The Sigil

Discord is available for those who join.

I'm currently trying to make The Sigil into a minor faction fyi.