Cosmic State

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Cmdr Burning shroom
We are a experienced group of players in the Elite: Dangerous community looking to provide an atmosphere of cooperation and group play to those looking for more player interaction in the ED universe. Our main goal as a group is to coordinate missions and assaults, specializing in PvP gameplay from pirating to Combat Zone raids. Cooperation is our motto, communication is our tool. So if you are looking for a great group of players and want to become a part of something much larger than yourself, or simply looking to enhance your gaming experience as we together discover this new universe Frontier has created, then come and join us, the Cosmic State! Anyone can join! We specialize in helping out new players, showing them the ropes, providing tips and tricks, and giving them a leg up when needed. We also welcome veterans and established players, as it is these players that are the cogs that keep this machine running. So welcome!