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Zachary Hudson

July 1. VF-84 Vagabond Squadron is commissioned at NAS Oceana. The name 'Jolly Rogers' is held by the VF-61 during this time.
January - July. VF-84 Vagabonds are stationed on the USS Forrestal during their first major deployment. They fly the FJ-3 Fury.
After the disestablishment of the VF-61, a formal request is submitted to transfer the 'Jolly Rogers' name and insignia to the VF-84. The VF-84 are reassigned to CVG-7. They fly the F8U-2M Crusader.
April 1. VF-84 formally became the Jolly Roger Squadron.
August. The Jolly Rogers are deployed with the F-8 on the USS Independence. 
1962 to 1964
VF-84 make two tours in the Mediterranean Sea.
VF-84 become equipped with the F-4B Phantom.
May - December. Deployed for seven months on USS Independence from 'Yankee Station' in Gulf of Tonkin. They have 1507 combat sorties and log 2200 flight hours during missions in both North and South Vietnam.
June 1966 - January 1967. Seven month deployment in the Mediterranean Sea.
VF-84 make transition to the F-4J Phantom, and undergo a fifteen month training cycle.
April 1968 - January 1969. Deployed for nine months in Mediterranean aboard USS Independence.
VF-84 is reassigned to Carrier Air Wing 6 (CVW-6).
1970 to 1975
VF-84 serve on the USS Franklin Roosevelt during four tours with the 6th Fleet. 

VF-84 revert to the F-4B Phantom.

VF-84 make transition to the F-4N Phantom.
June 1976 - April 1977. VF-84 train on the F-14A Tomcat.
April. VF-84 is reassigned to Carrier Air Wing 8.
December. VF-84 make formal transition to the F-14A and the USS Nimitz.

The VF-84 Jolly Rogers make their first cruise with the USS Nimitz.

The VF-84 Jolly Rogers make their second cruise with the USS Nimitz. During this time, they are filmed in the 1980 movie 'The Final Countdown'.
January. USS Nimitz is diverted from Mediterranean to in the Arabian Sea during an Iranian hostage crisis.
April. USS Nimitz is used as a launch platform for failed hostage rescue attempt.
Roy Fokker is born in North America. He later becomes a stunt pilot in an air circus owned by the father of Hikaru Ichijyo. He later became a fighter pilot with the VF-84 during the United Nations Wars. (Roy was 29 in 2009.)

August 1981 - February 1982: USS Nimitz again deployed to the Mediterranean Sea. During this time, the VF-84 is the first squadron to operationally deploy the Tactical Air Reconnaissance Pod System (TARPS).
November 1982 - May 1983. VF-84 deployed to the Mediterranean Sea, including operations off the coast of Libya with no incidents.

VF-84 cruise the Mediterranean Sea.
August 15 - November 16. VF-84 cruise the NorLant.
December 30, 1986 - July 26, 1987. VF-84 cruise around the world.
VF-84 make transition to the newly commissioned USS Theodore Roosevelt as part of Carrier Group 8.
December 30, 1988 - June 30, 1989. VF-84 cruise the Mediterranean Sea.
USS Roosevelt makes makes preparations to join USS Ranger and USS Midway in the Persian Gulf in reaction to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. The VF-84 is prepared for combat operations during the fall and winter.
December 28. USS Roosevelt is deployed along with USS America. 
January 16. USS Roosevelt and USS America arrive in the Red Sea. Operation Desert Storm would commences that night. 
USS Roosevelt is ordered to join the USS Ranger and USS Midway in the Persian Gulf. After arriving in the Gulf, the VF-84 flies in Eastern Iraq during the air offensive and Central Iraq during the ground offensive. The USS Roosevelt moves to Eastern Mediterranean after the ceasefire. The VF-84 later fly missions into western Iraq during Operation Provide Comfort.
Hayao Kakizaki is born in Japan. He becomes a fighter pilot with the VF-84 during Space War One. (Hayao was 17 in 2009.)

March 11 - September 8. The VF-84 Jolly Roger Squadron remain the sole F-14 squadron aboard USS Roosevelt in the Mediterranean Sea.
Hikaru Ichijyo is born in Japan. He becomes an amateur stunt pilot in an air circus owned by his father. He later became a fighter pilot with the VF-84 during Space War One. (Hikaru was 16 in 2009.)
Maximillian Jenius is born in Europe. He becomes a fighter pilot with the VF-84 during Space War One. (Max was 16 in 2009.)

Milia Fallyna is born from a Zentradi Clone Synthesis System. She becomes a Queadlunn Rau pilot for the Zentraedi forces commanded by Moruk Laplamis. She later becomes a fighter pilot with the VF-84 during Space War One. (Milia was 15 in 2009.)

June. The United Nations Wars begin as battles start across the globe. 
The VF-84 Jolly Roger Squadron, piloting F-14 Tomcats and stationed onboard USS Theodore Roosevelt, are connected to the US Navy during the UN Wars. Over the next several years, the Tomcats are initially upgraded to the F-14A+ Kai, and are later replaced by the F-203 Dragon II in 2003. During this time, the name of the Jolly Roger Squadron is changed to the Skull Squadron and young pilot Roy Fokker joins the VF-84. 
(Much of this is conjecture. In the real world, the VF-84 were disestablished as budget cuts had the Navy adopt a policy of only one F-14 squadron per carrier, and the VF-103 Sluggers became the new Jolly Rogers Squadron. In the Macross universe, mounting tensions throughout the world during the UN Wars in 1995 would have made the disestablishment of the VF-84 unlikely. The Jolly Rogers were historically stationed on the USS Roosevelt in 1995. The F-14A+ Kai upgrades are from Macross Zero. The F-203s are from the flashbacks in Macross episode #33 (Rainy Night). It is conjecture that they changed their name to the Skull Squadron during this period. There is some historical precedent for this, as the VF-84 were officially known as the Vagabond Squadron from 1955-1960.)

July 17. The SDF Macross crashes on South Ataria Island in the south Pacific Ocean. The United Nations unify to prepare for alien invasion. 
(Note that in the Wildstorm comic Robotech: From The Stars, Skull Squadron is stationed on the carrier USS Kenosha near the Macross Island in 1999, and they pilot F-203s at this time).

July. Violence in Middle East leads to the resumption of the United Nations Wars.

January. The new United Nations government is inaugurated. The United Nations Forces are established. The United Stated Navy falls under the jurisdiction of the United Nations Navy. (The UN Navy is conjecture.)
February. Reconstruction of the SDF-1 Macross commences.
August. The designing of the F-203 Dragon II begins. 

The F-203 Dragon II is formally adopted as main fighter of the UN Forces. Skull Squadron has its F-14 Tomcats replaced with the F-203 Dragon. (Conjecture. Skull Squadron was seen flying Dragons in the flashback in 'Rainy Day'.)
The development of the VF-X program begins.

December. The carrier CVS-101 Prometheus is commissioned.
Skull Squadron is assigned to the vessel. 

Production of the prototype VF-X variable fighter begins. 

January 20. The United Nations Wars conclude.
February. The VF-X prototypes begin their initial test flights. Roy Fokker and Skull Squadron are assigned the the CVS-101 Prometheus, and are involved in the development of the VF-X prototypes. Roy is promoted to the command of the Skulls. (Conjecture. Roy became involved in the development of the VF-X after the end of the war.)
June. Skull Squadron test the VF-X in space.
November. Mass production of the VF-1 Valkyrie begins. Skull Squadron becomes the first variable fighter squadron.

August. Skull Squadron deployed in actual combat in VF-1, although it remains restricted to fighter mode.