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Cmdr MrWaxton
CMDR MrWaxton's Journeys

Entrée #1494 / 24 May 3301 / Système Inti

Star Date: 24.5.3301 [20:54:36]

Currently docked at Baturin Hub in the Inti System. I was quite surprised how much my Exploration Data went for. I think it was around 1.3 Million Credits if I remember correctly! I also increased my Explorer Rank to 'Surveyor'. Ah, I purchased an Advanced Discovery Scanner as well. No planet will escape my scan now! I would really love to upgrade to an Asp Explorer but I'm around 4 Million Credits short. Not to mention the extra cost to outfit it with the proper equipment.

The plan is to return to the Maia System and scan down those 3 Brown Dwarfs and catch a glimpse of the Black Hole as well. After that, I will continue my journey to the California Nebula.

CMDR MrWaxton out.

Entrée #1475 / 24 May 3301 / Système Maia

Star Date: 23.5.3301 [22:59:19]

I have finally made it to the Maia System. What an amazing view inside of the Pleiades Nebula! I've explored a vast majority of the stars here in Maia except for 3 Brown Dwarfs which I just can't pinpoint with my Intermediate Discovery Scanner. My main objective was to find the Black Hole here but that just isn't possible with the equipment I have installed on my Adder.

The plan now is to head to the Inti System (13 jumps from Maia using the fastest route) in Federation Space to sell my accumulated exploration data and maybe, just maybe, I can purchase the Advanced Discovery Scanner. If not, I'll just do some bounty hunting in one of the RES in the system to make up the extra credits.

CMDR MrWaxton out.

Entrée #1447 / 23 May 3301 / Système Aries Dark Region YF-N B7-2

Star Date: 22.5.3301 [21:54:03}

18 jumps out from the Maia System in the Pleiades Nebula. I've seen some pretty cool systems on the way there so far. I'm in the Aries Dark Region YF-N B7-2 System right now orbiting a gas giant [9]. It's a beautiful view.

Next stop: Aries Dark Region SE-P B6-2. Hopefully I'll discover some fruitful systems.

CMDR MrWaxton out.

Entrée #1439 / 22 May 3301 / Système 64 Ceti

Star Date: 22.5.3301 [2:31:22}

Today, I begin my 275LY journey to the Maia System to witness the Pleiades Nebula's beauty. It's the beginning of my greater journey of seeing all the nebula in the area.

I'll also be exploring the 44 systems in my Adder on the way to Pleiades Nebula as well. I'm hopeful that I'll make a nice sum of credits.

CMDR MrWaxton out.