Journal de bord

Cmdr Cmdr Tiequinn
Messager, Commercant
Commander Tiequinn Logbook

Entrée #2138 / 29 Jul 3301 / Système Superty

29 July 3301

Location: Superty

Ship: Python

Fuel scooping at Superty star, while glancing over the navigation map, a wanted ASP pirate associated with Superty Mafia interdicted me, causing FSD failure. I fought back and destroyed the ASP without taking too much damage. I also noticed there are a civil war going on between Confederation of Superty and Superty Monarchy.  After further investigation. Confederation of Superty is aligned with Federation. Superty Monarchy is Empire aligned.  There is a  outpost named Hamilton Landing. It have Commodities, Refuel, Repair and Outfitting facilities. I'm going to dock and perform repairs on the damage caused by the lone ASP, claim the bounty and be on my merry way to Lei Mati

Entrée #2137 / 29 Jul 3301 / Système Men Shen

29, July 3301

Location: Men Shen

Ship: Python

En Route to Lei Mati, I stopped @ Men Shen and discovered there are civil war waging on between Men Shen Noblement and Men Shen Natural Limited. I'd like to participate but am unresolved on which faction to support.  So I stopped by Shukor Dock and it had 2 large booms attached. I can only speculate it's used for docking capital ships. I've decide to dock @ Shukor Dock for a quick break before heading out to Lei Mati.