Journal de bord

Cmdr Epic Wesley
Messager, Commercant, Explorateur, Contrebandier, Chasseur de primes
Space, The Great frontier.

Entrée #5551 / 30 Nov 3302 / Système Eranin

Its Been fun But i had to head back to the bubble. After a bout with pirates and some poor choices I Have had to start over. Im back in a Sidwinder and have barely any credits to my name, I will do some bounty hunting. Thats never failed me.

Entrée #4741 / 27 May 3302 / Système SOL

I have sold my trading ship for a more Exploratory vessel. I have decided to make a trek to the Core. I have outfitted an ASP Explorer with and Advanced discovery scanner and a surface scanner in hopes of discovering something spectacular. I will set out for the core systems as soon as my new module arrives at this station. Until then i have some down time to spend with my mother on earth. I'll take a shuttle in the morning. 

Entrée #3408 / 13 Dec 3301 / Système LTT 7903

Lost 6 tons of cargo to pirates. Why is it every system that i enter i become a target. You would think that the debris that i leave behind from attacking ships should be a hint not to attack  the only ship left standing. I was without shields and the hull was breaking down. I'd rather just give the pirate what he wanted, my cargo. I ejected 6 tonnes of my cargo. I activated my FSD while they were occupied collecting the cargo that i just dropped.  Hope you enjoy biowaste, not sure what black market dealer wants that. Good luck. 

Entrée #3403 / 12 Dec 3301 / Système Kremainn

Woke up this morning to my cabin being destroyed.. I swear dog if you do it again i will make you into tacos. I would love to take the time to clean my quarters but i have to fire the engines up and get going.

22:48 the engines are online and it's time to get going.

Entrée #3395 / 12 Dec 3301 / Système LHS 3447

Currently on route to dalton gateway with cargo on board, Acting as a courier. At my present speed i should reach the starport in about 3 hours. There are no other ships within sensor range of my current setup accept an unidentified imperial eagle. I should be arriving shortly. Just as i mentioned the Eagle it left sensor range.  As i approached the station, I was interdicted by a local pirate; the only identifying information i could get on sensors was his name. "Shield of justice." If you call attacking a lightly armed courier "Justice." I'd hate to see what you call injustice.