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Cmdr EpicClown
Explorateur, Chasseur de primes
Captain's Log - CMDR EpicClown

Entrée #4843 / 09 Jun 3302

Entry #06092016-2

Wolf 397 - What a long trip. I have made contact with "The Blaster." He wants 100,000 credits in bounties in exchange for blueprints. Had he been more forward with me over the long range comms, I would have gladly brought some bounty rewards with me, as I had just turned in over 400,000 in bounties before I made this drek of a trip.

Oh well, space is full of people with a price on their heads, it's just a matter of time before they show their ugly faces.

Commander EpicClown signing off.

Entrée #4832 / 08 Jun 3302 / Système LP 510-10

Entry #06092016-1

I have made it to White Depot in the LP 510-10 System. I will dock here and continue my travels in the morning. 

Commander EpicClown signing off.

Entrée #4831 / 08 Jun 3302 / Système LTT 15574

Entry #06082016-1

I have spent many days here in LTT 15574. It is here I learned the ways of the bounty hunter, seeking out the wanted in nearby resource collections zones.

I can say it has been a pleasure visiting this system and I look forward to returning someday. For now, I feel it is time to explore the cosmos. I have set course to Wolf 397 to meet with Tod 'The Blaster' McQuinn.