Journal de bord

Cmdr Hellscout
Messager, Commercant, Explorateur, Mineur, Chasseur de primes, Transport de passagers

Entrée #8923 / 11 Oct 3305

27470:13:36820 -> Awesome ! lots of NSP and Biological signals around the unexplored systems!

Entrée #8919 / 08 Oct 3305

Still circulating around the outter sector, already been at two of four corners of the galaxy, stil missing the most southern and the most eastern systems.

Not to mention the detours to reach Xibalba and Tenebrae!

Most likely will let the upper and lower systems to be reached on the expedition to the cores sectors.... already missing my dear home system and all those gorgeous ships the are waiting my return!

Shure that some greed regarding all that exploration data from thousands of unexplored systems is talking loud in my ears!

Entrée #8904 / 14 Sep 3305

Taking a breath at Aquila´s Halo, filling the codex for the sector while heading to the more western system possible at The Void!

Entrée #8903 / 14 Sep 3305

Left early this week to take a little walk across all the outter sectors of the galaxy, may be back at home in one or two months.

Anaconda perfecty healthy, 77ly jumps.

47 jumps to Aquila´s Halo