Data from ED-Board Commanders
LP 244-47 Systems VS Tartan Spartan Freelancer Group82022-10-31
Aesir Heavy Industries VS Progressive Party of Mechucos252022-10-30
Allied Tauernonese Dominion VS Union of Chup Kamui Green Party122022-10-26
Union of Chup Kamui Green Party VS Allied Tauernonese Dominion172022-10-26
FT Piscium Values Party VS Ross 5 Monarchy12022-10-25
Lu Xiangu Citizens' Forum VS Achan One272022-10-24
Achan One VS Lu Xiangu Citizens' Forum1332022-10-24
Allied Andavandul Justice Party VS Andavandul Limited52022-10-23
Lembava Commodities VS Natural Lembava Dominion1852022-10-23
Liberals of Delta Pavonis VS Delta Pavonis Galactic Interstellar32022-10-23
$faction_FrontlineSolutions; VS Natural Lembava Dominion22022-10-22
Monarchy of Luyten 205-128 VS Liberals of Delta Pavonis22022-10-19
Ernun Power Commodities VS Noblemen of Ernun42022-10-19
Chup Kamui Fortune Commodities VS Union of Chup Kamui Green Party72022-10-18
Minutemen VS Fionn Liberals72022-10-18
Ngaledi Systems VS Future of Ngaledi32022-10-18
Imperial Enforcement Division VS Lulua Exchange152022-10-17
L.Y.S Corp. VS LHS 184 Progressive Party322022-10-17
Union of Chup Kamui Green Party VS Chup Kamui Fortune Commodities62022-10-15
Lu Xiangu Citizens' Forum VS Storm Seekers2742022-10-15
Vigr Dominion VS Apex Executive232022-10-14
Lu Xiangu Free VS Lu Xiangu Transport Inc92022-10-13
Storm Seekers VS Lu Xiangu Citizens' Forum32022-10-12
HIP 105368 Imperial Society VS Galactic Academic Training Group12022-10-09
$faction_PilotsFederation; VS $faction_Thargoid;3742022-10-09
Andecavi United VS Sirius Corporation122022-10-08
Friends of Shontii VS HIP 2311 United PLC142022-10-08
Elite United Worlds VS Wadj Wen as one1252022-10-08
Garanji Systems VS Values Party of Cocopa52022-10-07
League of Kuki An VS Kuki An Interstellar232022-10-06
Workers of Popontia Free VS Popontia Incorporated132022-10-05
Popontia Patrons of Law VS Popontia Incorporated52022-10-05
Popontia Incorporated VS Workers of Popontia Free392022-10-04
Harma Law Party VS Harma Central Interstellar192022-10-02
People's CD-82 331 Future VS CD-82 331 Focus182022-09-30
Conservatives of Harma VS United Harma for Equality602022-09-28
Peregrina Aristocrats VS Co-operative of Peregrina1202022-09-28
Cemiess Commodities VS Cemiess Empire Party42022-09-24
BD+47 2112 Holdings VS Legacy Corp92022-09-22
Legacy Corp VS BD+47 2112 Holdings72022-09-22
Crathiganit Future VS Crathiganit Purple Central Corp.292022-09-21
Bolg Holdings VS United Bolg Liberty Party62022-09-21
A Different Kind VS Ross 104 Blue Public Solutions212022-09-20
Ross 104 Blue Public Solutions VS A Different Kind72022-09-18
Cerberus VS Workers of DzaliTemu Liberals182022-09-18
Lushu Democrats VS Lushu Blue Travel Commodities772022-09-18
Traditional Wyrd Justice Party VS Wyrd People's Party102022-09-18
Workers of DzaliTemu Liberals VS Cerberus182022-09-18
Ryders of the Void VS Raijin Corporation182022-09-17
Xihe Energy Industry VS Progressive Party of L 639-4542022-09-16
Karo Commodities VS Interstellar Tachyon Fleet362022-09-16
Amuzgo Gold Netcoms Incorporated VS Royal Praetorian Guard472022-09-15
Wolf 397 Independents VS Blue Fortune Organisation152022-09-14
89 Leonis Gold Travel Co VS Dark Echo72022-09-14
Olker Resistance VS Olker Exchange32022-09-14
Green Party of Guy VS Party of Guy252022-09-14
Collective of Independent Agents VS Guy Exchange182022-09-14
LHS 20 Engineers VS Nationalists of LHS 20312022-09-13
People's LP 790-29 Partnership VS Shamash Corp.52022-09-13
Future of Domoira VS The Followers of The All Father32022-09-13
Intragalactic Scientific Organisation VS Para Indra Resistance172022-09-13
Shenetserii Confederation VS LHS 20 Company102022-09-12
Daraki Labour VS Fathers Of The Void102022-09-12
Lalande 10797 Comms Holdings VS Order of Enblackenment482022-09-11
LHS 20 Company VS Shenetserii Confederation52022-09-11
Confederacy of Papako VS HIP 1419 Jet Life Holdings252022-09-11
Wolf 397 Independents VS Patani Incorporated482022-09-11
Revolutionary Noti Values Party VS Noti Advanced Corporation52022-09-10
Tethys Independent Crew VS Wolf 1003 Crimson Syndicate572022-09-10
Earth Defense Fleet VS Independent Zeta Leporis Democrats32022-09-10
Falcons' Nest VS Hiradhea Crimson Universal Corp42022-09-08
Liu Bajara Organisation VS Vashis Patron's Principles22022-09-07
Independent Lodemowo Revolutionary Party VS Dominion of Lodemowo52022-09-07
Simbad Regime VS HIP 15062 General Organisation852022-09-06
League of 89 Leonis VS PORT Transnational22022-09-05
LHS 20 Engineers VS Shenetserii Confederation262022-09-04
Liberate Ceos VS Kumo Council852022-09-02
LHS 1442 Jet Life Limited VS Boop Brigade32022-08-31
Official Tabit Movement VS Ross 41 Industry202022-08-30
Lem Future Tech VS Dukes of Jotun2052022-08-29
Sirius Free VS New Luyten's Star League22022-08-27
Affiliates of Rhea-Sol Entrepreneurial Society VS LHS 317 Travel Exchange52022-08-27
Simbad Regime VS Tetekhe Inc282022-08-26
Sirius Corporation VS Kumo Council52022-08-25
RSR VS Kumo Council142022-08-24
Khnum Future VS Amaterasu & Co312022-08-23
BD-07 4419 for Equality VS EG Union322022-08-22
Carnoeck Group VS Ross 440 Resistance72022-08-22
Simbad Regime VS Dukes of Jotun192022-08-22
Kumo Council VS RSR202022-08-21
Phanes Blue Legal Limited VS Independents of Phanes152022-08-21
Simbad Regime VS Sherbo Citizens of Tradition2222022-08-21
Dukes of Pira VS HIP 5700 Electronics Co272022-08-18
Sukte Empire Party VS United Fintamkina Left Party222022-08-15
Hors Netcoms Interstellar VS Pi Mensae Brotherhood392022-08-15
Workers of Iah Bulu Future VS Official Iah Bulu Freedom Party72022-08-15
Dingos of Duwali VS Tai Qing Alliance Bond3452022-08-14
The Winged Hussars VS HIP 113812 Emperor's Grace362022-08-14
ADS 10035 Crimson Universal & Co VS Citizen Party of Grabil12022-08-13
BD-11 4932 Holdings VS BD-11 4932 Party82022-08-13
Aling Partners VS Paladins of Empathy292022-08-11
Workers of Skeggiko O Labour VS Dominion of Momoirent322022-08-11
Future of Lu Dis VS Lu Dis Dynamic Industries182022-08-10
Cromovii Federal Incorporated VS Spearhead Interstellar Corps202022-08-10
Kivah Company VS Kivah First82022-08-09
Kwazahui Future VS Timbalderis Blue State Comms172022-08-09
Astra Militarum of Beta Sculptoris VS HIP 113812 Energy Corp.122022-08-08
Collangbaka Energy Exchange VS Eurybia Empire Consulate172022-08-07
Keltim Empire League VS Eurybia Jet Major Systems472022-08-06