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3305 Jun.
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The Outpost #115

Remlok IndustriesThe Outpost #114: a recap of the Elite: Dangerous recent news: May & June! Community Creations, second half of 2019 and future of Elite.

Remlok Industries
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3305 May
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Segnen Exchange Announces Outpost

Galnet NewsSegnen Exchange has revealed plans to build an outpost in the Synuefe EN-H d11-96 system. CEO Cedrik Stone gave the following statement: “As Zende Partners has graciously provided a transport service to Guardian space, it makes sense for my company to support the increased pilot activity in that area. Segnen...

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Zende Partners Requests Guardian Commodities

Galnet NewsZende Partners has called for increased deliveries of Guardian commodities in Synuefe EN-H d11-96, the newly established hub for Guardian-human technological research. CEO Freya Taine made the following announcement: “My company has established a scientific research outpost in Guardian space named The Prospect, which also serves as the termination point...

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Week in Review

Galnet NewsHere are this week’s main stories. A megaship service offering transport to Guardian space has been established by Zende Partners. The service will ferry pilots and ships between Zende and Synuefe EN-H d11-96, with the latter system selected as the termination point by the galactic community. President Gibson Kincaid has...

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Ship Theft Mystery Deepens

Galnet NewsMystery continues to surround Gan Romero, the starship technician who single-handedly stole a docked vessel in the Vega system. Romero’s wife, Lara, agreed to an interview with Vox Galactica: “I haven’t the faintest idea why Gan took that ship, or how he managed it. It’s totally out of character for...

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President Kincaid Denies Corruption

Galnet NewsPresident Gibson Kincaid has refuted allegations of illegal campaign funding and is refusing to cooperate with the official inquiry. He gave this statement to The Alliance Tribune: “The claims are nothing more than an attempt to besmirch my reputation. Councillor Elijah Beck has fabricated this wild mudlark chase as revenge...

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Zende Partners Transport Service Operational

Galnet NewsA megaship service offering transport to Guardian space from Zende is now in operation. The CEO of Zende Partners, Freya Taine, announced: “Following the recommendation of the galactic community, my company has established an outpost in Synuefe EN-H d11-96 that will serve as the termination point for this new ferry...

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 CMDR Deiformis "Valravn" Ira.

Week in Review

Galnet NewsHere are this week’s main stories. The Distant Worlds II expedition has reached Beagle Point, its final destination. Thousands of independent pilots have travelled over 73,000 light years in the past three months, with the establishment of Explorer’s Anchorage among their many achievements. President Kincaid has been accused of receiving...

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 Cmdr. Hesefy [MediCorp]

President Kincaid Illegal Funding Allegations

Galnet NewsPresident Gibson Kincaid has been accused of receiving illegal campaign funding via the Bank of Zaonce. Councillor Elijah Beck presented evidence to a special session of the Alliance Assembly: “During September 3304, President Kincaid’s re-election campaign received several billion credits worth of undeclared funds. I have received data suggesting that...

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Docked Ship Thief Identified

Galnet NewsThe individual responsible for stealing a docked Diamondback Explorer in the Vega system has been identified. Fort Dixon Security Chief, Misaki Sanders, told the media: “We have determined that Commander Bjorn Lennox’s vessel was stolen by a starship technician, who evidently acted alone without backup.” “The technician, Gan Romero, has...

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Distant Worlds Expedition Reaches Beagle Point

Galnet NewsThe Distant Worlds II expedition has reached its final destination on the far side of the galaxy: the Beagle Point system. Science correspondent Leon Banerjee reported for Vox Galactica: “The Distant Worlds exploratory fleet, comprising thousands of independent pilots, set out from the Pallaeni system on 13th January 3305. Over...

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3305 Apr.
 CMDR Rheeney

Zende Partners Announces Transport Service

Galnet NewsZende Partners has revealed plans to establish a ferry service between the core systems and Guardian space. Freya Taine, the company’s CEO, made this statement: “In response to increasing demand for Guardian commodities, my company aims to facilitate access to the area once occupied by the Guardians. This will involve...

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 CMDR Don1r

Week in Review

Galnet NewsHere are this week’s main stories. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has clashed with President Kincaid in the Alliance Assembly. Following repeated demands to increase military funding, Kincaid was reminded by Mahon that executive presidential power had been turned down following a vote. The funding proposals were rejected. A Diamondback Explorer...

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