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3304 Dec.

The Outpost #107

Remlok IndustriesThe Outpost #107: Your weekly shot of Elite: Dangerous. Chapter 4 release, devs communications, new content from and for the community!

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 Commander Picard 🚀
 CMDR.Paramuttin (Winter account)
 Niibl (Paul Griffiths)
 Cmdr. Abnaxos
 Cmdr x1
 Modern Times Knight
 Wolves Of Jonai
 Cmdr Diablere00070
 CMDR NinaDs Daddy
 CMDR Jon Tomasson
 David Neal
 Vasco Da Toada
 CMDR DafunkyHapax
 Stellar Cartography
 🌲𝐆𝐈𝐎𝐋△𝐓𝐎 ❄️
 CMDR Lutrop
 CMDR TheCudderIsBack
 Dave Sykes
 CMDR Zap Thistle
 Will Leamon
 CMDR AugmaticDisport
 Corey Milne
 CMDR Alos Maudi
 CMDR Toxophilite
 CMDR.Paramuttin (December account)

The Complete AX Combat Guide

Remlok IndustriesLearn AX Combat strategies to effectively defend the systems assaulted by the Thargoids. Beware of Xenos, commanders!

Remlok Industries
 Max Acceleration
 CMDR.Paramuttin (Frosty Autumn account)
3304 Nov.
 Commander Dre
 Foxlider - Keelah
 Iain McCafferty
 CMDR.Paramuttin (Autumn account)

Roleplaying in Elite: Dangerous

Remlok IndustriesEnhance your Elite: Dangerous experience, join a Roleplaying community! Build and develop your character and make your gaming experience unique.

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 CMDR Fanatic Shelby
 CMDR WastedInside
 Jason Bridges
 CMDR.Paramuttin (parody account)

Beyond Chapter 4 – Mining 2.0 and Squadrons

Remlok IndustriesFull recap of the recent Chapter 4 Beyond Livestream. Read more about Mining 2.0 and Squadrons!

Remlok Industries
 Jarminx Gaming
3304 Oct.

Update 3.3

Remlok IndustriesElite: Dangerous, Beta 3.3: Chapter 4 Beyond. Exploration, Cartography, Lights & Colours, Codex, enhancement UI, BGS, Scenarios and more!

Remlok Industries
 CMDR Chuggins
 CMDR VoodooMike---
 Russ W
 CMDR 67MistakeNot

Beyond Chapter 4 – Scenarios and Background Simulation

Remlok IndustriesFull recap of the recent Chapter 4 Beyond Livestream. Read more about Scenarios and Background Simulation!

Remlok Industries
 Cmdr. Hesefy [MediCorp]

Mars Tribune Refutes Allegations

Galnet NewsAs the Federal Security Service continues its investigation into The Mars Tribune for illegally obtaining the private information of Federal citizens, the newsfeed’s parent company, the Cordova Group, has filed a formal complaint. The FSS has established that the administration robots of dozens of public figures and wealthy individuals have...

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The Collective

Galnet NewsTechnology journalist Harlow Nassry has published an article in The Federal Times regarding a mysterious criminal group known only as ‘the Collective’: “Several recent digital crimes, including the theft of a billion credits from Zachary Rackham, have now been attributed to the Collective. Security forces have launched investigations, but it...

Galnet News
 Commander Bathuzad

Mars Tribune Linked to Spy Robots

Galnet NewsThe Federal Security Service has targeted The Mars Tribune as part of its investigation into robots carrying concealed surveillance programs. Lieutenant Inspector Ramesh Thorne made this statement: “The personal robots of former congressman Morgan Unwin and actor Tomas Turai were found to contain surveillance programs. In recent weeks, both were...

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Week in Review

Galnet NewsHere are this week’s major stories. Gibson Kincaid has been announced as the winner of the Alliance presidential election, and will continue serving as president of the Alliance. Kincaid obtained a small majority of the public vote, defeating Councillor Elijah Beck. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon said the Alliance Assembly was...

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