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3305 Aug.
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The Complete Powerplay Guide

Remlok IndustriesLearn the Powerplay strategies and pledge allegiance to a Power to become its guardian! Finance, Fighting, Secret Operations, Humanitarian Aid: Are you doing your part, pilot?

Remlok Industries
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Week in Review

Galnet NewsHere are this week’s main stories. Expansion of the Witch Head enclave has continued with the installation of seven planetary ports. Focus has turned to supporting the influx of new colonists, now that access to meta-alloys in the region has been secured. It is hoped that the new ports will...

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The Greatest Gig in the Galaxy

Galnet NewsThe Alliance Festival of Culture enters its third week with a massive music festival in the Phekda system drawing thousands of attendees. Organisers are calling the event ‘the greatest gig in the galaxy’. Corinne Macintyre, cultural correspondent for The Alliance Tribune, reported: “The programme is certainly diverse, encompassing everything from...

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Witch Head Planetary Ports Established

Galnet NewsHumanity’s expansion into the Witch Head Nebula has continued with the introduction of seven planetary ports. Six ports now occupy systems surrounding the existing enclave. The Alliance, Federation and Empire have each established two ports, strengthening the presence of their representative factions. The seventh port, Cinder Dock, is located in...

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Further Migration to Witch Head Nebula

Galnet NewsThe human enclave in the Witch Head Nebula has attracted thousands of migrants looking for a fresh start. One of those heading to the area is Chloe Sedesi, a former apprentice of Professor Ishmael Palin. She gave an interview to Leon Banerjee for Vox Galactica: “I’ve been working with the...

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Week in Review

Galnet NewsHere are this week’s main stories. Thargoid forces in the Witch Head Nebula have been defeated. A call to arms from Aegis Research received a considerable response from independent pilots, leading to a victory for humanity. The official establishment of a human enclave in the Witch Head Nebula was declared...

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Controversy at Film Festival

Galnet NewsThe Leesti system played host to the second week of the Alliance Festival of Culture, where a new film production has caused minor controversy. The Alliance Tribune’s cultural correspondent Corinne Macintyre offered these details: “A grand celebration of cinematic art took place at George Lucas station, featuring a wide range...

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Lave Citizens Comment on Festival

Galnet NewsAs the first week of the Alliance Festival of Culture draws to a close, Lave residents have shared mixed feelings about the decision to stage the opening ceremony in their home system. “Clearly this was a political gesture from Edmund Mahon,” said Grady Chen, an independent journalist speaking at Lave...

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Red Family Operation Concludes

Galnet NewsThe Federal Intelligence Agency has declared that its campaign against the Red Family cartel is drawing to a close. As observed by Ethan Takahashi, crime correspondent for The Federal Times: “In terms of effective action, this has to be considered a great victory for the FIA. A series of coordinated...

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3305 Jul.

Enclave Established in Witch Head Nebula

Galnet NewsRecent reports from the Witch Head Nebula indicate that the Thargoid forces in the region have been defeated. The initial call to arms from Aegis Research was met with an overwhelming response from independent pilots, who were able to push back Thargoid incursions from the new human colonies. Admiral Aden...

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A New Home for Professor Palin

Galnet NewsProfessor Ishmael Palin has established a permanent base of operations in the Arque system. Aegis Research confirmed the news with a statement from Professor Alba Tesreau: “Having fled the Maia system, Professor Palin and his staff have installed their equipment at the planetary port Abel Laboratory on Arque 4 E.”...

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Week in Review

Galnet NewsHere are this week’s main stories. Thargoid forces have entered the Witch Head Nebula in response to human colonisation efforts in the area. Professor Alba Tesreau of Aegis Research has urged independent pilots to engage Thargoid vessels in the nebula and ensure that the superpowers can establish bases close to...

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Alliance Festival of Culture Begins

Galnet NewsPrime Minister Edmund Mahon has announced the start of the Alliance Festival of Culture, a series of events taking place across seven systems. The Alliance Tribune’s cultural correspondent Corinne Macintyre provided a summary of the festival: “This seven-week tour of Alliance space will begin at the Fine Art Emporium on...

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 Lord "van Shork" Tyvin

Cartel Leader Killed

Galnet NewsJan Sandoval, co-founder of the Red Family cartel, has died while in the custody of the Federal Intelligence Agency. Executive Agent Viola Trask made the following statement: “I regret to announce that Jan Sandoval has been found dead in the safe house where she was being held. An autopsy revealed...

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Thargoids Defend Meta-Alloy Sources

Galnet NewsThe Thargoids have emerged in the Witch Head Nebula, just hours after human expansion efforts in the region began. Numerous attacks in the area indicate that Thargoid craft are aggressively defending the region’s barnacle sites. Professor Alba Tesreau of Aegis Research said in an update: “Representative factions of the Alliance,...

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Carson’s Spring Reaches Arque System

Galnet NewsCarson’s Spring, the megaship transporting Professor Ishmael Palin from the Maia system, has successfully completed its journey, having endured a number of attacks by Thargoid craft. Admiral Aden Tanner provided this update on behalf of Aegis Research: “With support from many independent combat pilots, the Thargoid assaults on Carson’s Spring...

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Week in Review

Galnet NewsHere are this week’s main stories. The Thargoids have returned to the Pleiades Nebula in significant numbers, leading to speculation that they are looking to reassert themselves in their original nexus. The threat to the Palin Research Centre has led to the evacuation of Professor Palin and his staff. Palin’s...

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Unchain Purchases Imperial Slaves

Galnet NewsThe anti-slavery charity Unchain has officially purchased the 4,000 Imperial slaves who were forcibly freed on Eotienses A 3. Princess Aisling Duval, the charity’s patron, gave the following statement to the press: “The contracts of all those liberated against their will have been acquired by Unchain. They will be properly...

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Red Family Cartel Raids Successful

Galnet NewsThe Red Family cartel has suffered enormous losses following a series of strikes carried out by the Federal Intelligence Agency. Crime correspondent Ethan Takahashi summarised his report in The Federal Times: “In a coordinated operation spanning multiple systems, FIA troops raided hidden Red Family bases and manufacturing plants. Dozens of...

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Thargoids Return to Pleiades Nebula

Galnet NewsThe Thargoids have returned to the Pleiades Nebula in large numbers, with several conflicts reported within hours. Professor Alba Tesreau gave an update on behalf of Aegis Research: “The Thargoid forces that recently withdrew from the core systems have resurfaced in the Pleiades Nebula following a brief disappearance. An initial...

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Week in Review

Galnet NewsHere are this week’s main stories. Aegis Research has announced that the Witch Head Nebula is a viable alternative source of meta-alloys. Professor Alba Tesreau confirmed that the survey data provided by the galactic community allowed her team to identify this area as a prime source of Thargoid barnacle sites....

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Interstellar Initiative #2 – The mysteries of the Witch Head

Remlok IndustriesThe Interstellar Initiative #2, Phase 2, leads us to the Witch Head nebula. Meta-alloys, Thargoids and precious information to gather soon!

Remlok Industries

IISS Detains Former Imperial Slaves

Galnet NewsThe Imperial Internal Security Service has moved to apprehend the Imperial slaves who were forcibly emancipated on Eotienses A 3. Captain Madoc Evander made this announcement: “An IISS taskforce was despatched to Port Isabelle to address the civil disorder arising from the release of 4,000 Imperial slaves, freed without financial...

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 David Neal

Alternative Source of Meta-Alloys Identified

Galnet NewsThe Witch Head Nebula has been confirmed as a primary source of meta-alloys, following an initiative hosted by Aegis Research. The news has triggered efforts to swiftly establish a human presence in the area. Aegis Research released this statement from Professor Alba Tesreau: “Having analysed large amounts of exploration data,...

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Cartel Leader Exposes New Narcotic Menace

Galnet NewsJan Sandoval, a founder of the Red Family cartel, has revealed why she surrendered to the Federal Intelligence Agency. According to Executive Agent Viola Trask, Sandoval has provided proof that the Red Family has developed a new designer narcotic, genetically engineered to be far more addictive than all other substances...

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Thargoids Withdraw from Core Systems

Galnet NewsReports indicate that the Thargoids have abruptly withdrawn from the majority of human-occupied space. Admiral Aden Tanner, chief military liaison for Aegis, announced: “Multiple reliable sources have reported a mass departure of Thargoid craft. Their forces vanished from dozens of locations within hours of each other. Only the Maia and...

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Week in Review

Galnet NewsHere are this week’s main stories. Aegis Research has announced a new initiative to locate a new primary source of meta-alloys. The news came alongside the confirmation that the Pleiades Nebula barnacle sites have been exhausted, possibly due to over-exploitation by humanity. The galactic community has been asked to provide...

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Lavecon 2019 – Recap and Q&A

Remlok IndustriesA recap of the information collected during the event Lavecon 2019, for Elite: Dangerous. Devs Panel and Q&A.

Remlok Industries

Further Disorder at Port Isabelle

Galnet NewsThousands of forcibly freed Imperial slaves have continued to create turmoil in the capital city of Eotienses A 3. Vox Galactica featured an on-site report by independent journalist Gwendolyn Nash: “Three weeks after being liberated by the radical activist group Autonomy, the emancipated have banded together in their desperation for...

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Hit Squad Targets Cartel Leader

Galnet NewsThe Federal Intelligence Agency headquarters in Olympus Village has been infiltrated by a mercenary unit attempting to murder Jan Sandoval, one of the Red Family cartel’s founders. Executive Agent Viola Trask gave an account to the press: “This was an extraordinary breach of the FIA’s most secure location. The mercenaries...

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Meta-Alloys Reportedly Growing Scarce

Galnet NewsAegis Research has issued a statement amid growing concerns that meta-alloy harvests in the Pleiades Nebula have slowed dramatically. A number of sources claim that Thargoid barnacle sites have recently ceased producing materials. The situation was addressed by Professor Alba Tesreau of Aegis Research: “Thargoid structures remain poorly understood, so...

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Distant Worlds Megaship and Station Operational

Galnet NewsA new research megaship and relay station constructed by the Distant Worlds II exploratory fleet have become operational. Project leader Erimus Kamzel made a statement on behalf of those involved in the expedition: “We are very proud to announce the launch of the DSSV Distant Worlds megaship, dedicated to the...

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 Cmdr Dev-A-staR
3305 Jun.

Week in Review

Galnet NewsHere are this week’s main stories. Princess Aisling Duval, patron of the anti-slavery charity Unchain, has criticised activist group Autonomy for freeing thousands of slaves on Eotienses A 3. While sympathising with leader Garrett Kline’s motives, Duval condemned the lack of proper care or long-term consideration for the newly emancipated...

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Red Family Leader Surrenders

Galnet NewsJan Sandoval, a known founder of the infamous Red Family drug cartel, has unexpectedly handed herself in to the Federal Intelligence Agency. Executive Agent Viola Trask gave a summary of this development: “It’s not unheard of for criminals to present themselves at FIA headquarters in Olympus Village, but Sandoval is...

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Interstellar Initiative #2 – The Enclave

Remlok IndustriesCheck out the first details of the Interstellar Initiative #2 for Elite: Dangerous: The Enclave! Meta-alloys are scarce, and the resource is precious for our defense against the xenos.

Remlok Industries

Aisling Duval Condemns Autonomy Group

Galnet NewsAnti-slavery charity Unchain has criticised the radical activist group Autonomy for liberating 4,000 Imperial slaves on Eotienses A 3. Princess Aisling Duval, the charity’s patron, told the media: “I fully appreciate Garrett Kline’s desire to free slaves, which I’m sure comes from a place of genuine empathy, but I feel...

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Week in Review

Galnet NewsHere are this week’s main stories. The role of President of the Alliance has been abolished following a majority vote in the Alliance Assembly. Prime Minister Mahon stated that the move was intended to prevent any further abuse of power, given Gibson Kincaid’s recently uncovered crimes. The same assembly session...

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Imperial Slaves Stranded

Galnet NewsFour thousand Imperial slaves have been left stranded on Eotienses A 3 after being forcibly freed by emancipation group Autonomy. Independent journalist Gwendolyn Nash reported for Vox Galactica: “Since being set free outside Port Isabelle, the former slaves have been without food, shelter or income. Many complain that they cannot...

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Alliance President Role Abolished

Galnet NewsThe Alliance Assembly has permanently dissolved the role of President of the Alliance, following the recent revelations about Gibson Kincaid’s multiple crimes. Summarising the vote, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon said: “Recent events have made it clear that the presidential position is open to misuse, which places the integrity of the...

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