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Elite: Dangerous GalNet

3307 Sep.

Delta Pavonis Hosts Political Conference

Galnet NewsDelegations from the Federation and the dictator Yuri Grom are meeting to determine the Delta Pavonis system’s future. Both are on a diplomatic mission to convince its controlling faction to either swear allegiance to Yuri Grom or become a Federal member state. Delta Pavonis was one of the original signatories...

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Pharma Giant Victorious in the Haithis System

Galnet News*Pilots Federation ALERT* The Haithis Purple Dynamic Group has fought off the Kumo Council assault, securing the completion of Neomedical Industries’ onionhead project. The pharmaceutical corporation had received deliveries to Haithis to begin producing onionhead gamma strain for medicinal purposes. In response, the Kumo Crew syndicate attacked Neomedical’s corporate partner...

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Thargoid Strike Follows Salvation’s Prediction

Galnet News*Pilots Federation ALERT* The Cornsar system has been attacked by Thargoid forces, causing severe damage to two starports. Direct assaults against Chadwick Port and Ito Market stations have resulted in over ten thousand casualties. Local reports state that Thargoid vessels have also appeared elsewhere throughout the system, placing millions more...

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Salvation Warns of Thargoid Strike

Galnet NewsThe anonymous figure known as Salvation claims that Thargoid forces will shortly launch an assault in the Cornsar system. The following message was received by all major newsfeeds: “This is Salvation. Authorities in the Cornsar system must evacuate the local population immediately. I believe a Thargoid invasion of the system...

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Rebellion Spreads Through the Federation

Galnet NewsA further seven Federal factions have severed ties with the superpower in protest against government monitoring of communications. These latest secessions have been undertaken by minor factions that do not control any systems, including Unktock Free, United Posenoi League and Progressive Party of Inggale. Political journalist Sofia Trevino reported for...

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 CMDR B3ast 91119 🇩🇪

Empire Marks Anniversary of NMLA Attacks

Galnet NewsA day of mourning has been declared across the Empire to mark the first anniversary of the NMLA’s Imperial starport bombings. On Thursday the 10th of September 3306, Imperial stations in the Cemiess, Gabjaujis, LHS 4031 and Rabh systems were attacked without warning. Over sixty thousand people were killed and...

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Archon Delaine Retaliates Against Pharma Giant

Galnet News*Pilots Federation ALERT* The Kumo Council has declared war on the Haithis Purple Dynamic Group for the latter’s role in supporting Neomedical Industries. The pharmaceutical corporation’s recent campaign in the Haithis system enabled the mass production of onionhead gamma strain, scheduled to be available as a medicinal product from Alliance...

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Neomedical Industries Onionhead Campaign Concludes

Galnet News*Pilots Federation ALERT* The pharmaceutical megacorp has received sufficient materials to produce onionhead gamma strain as a medical treatment. Pilots delivered shipments of H.E. suits, polymers and robotics to Crippen Port in the Haithis system. Payment for these deliveries is now available at the starport from the pharma giant’s corporate...

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Mahon: Sirius Treaty Would Save Aegis

Galnet NewsPrime Minister Edmund Mahon has commented on the Aegis inquiry and his failed proposal to unify anti-xeno operations. As part of an interview with The Alliance Tribune, he said: “The greatest regret of my career is that I was unable to formalise the Sirius Treaty at the Galactic Summit. This...

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ACT Scores Victories Against the NMLA

Galnet NewsThe Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit has reported progress in its efforts to eliminate the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army. Captain Milo Castile, one of ACT’s joint leaders, told a press briefing: “The recent civil war in the Marlinist Colonies was a tragedy, of course. But many pro-NMLA individuals were exposed during the conflict....

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Speed Scanning Challenge

Canonn Research GroupIn the Inner Orion Spur, about 300 light years from Sol, Tucanae Sector AF-A d71 4 e is a 1000km radius rocky body, with a thin Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere, that supports 9 different life forms. Worth a modest 2,093,600 credits at Vista Genomics, the system was visited by CMDR Yanosh who analysed all the biology... The post Speed Scanning Challenge first appeared on Canonn Research Group.

Canonn Research Group

Trading Vessel MD-002

Canonn Research GroupThis is a crashed Anaconda and temporary outpost found in HR 6051 on planet 2 F. It has two uplinks, plus a datapoint that gives encoded data materials. There are manufactured materials scattered around (all low grade). The messages appear to be an addition to the three messages found previously on TRADING VESSEL MD-004. When... The post Trading Vessel MD-002 first appeared on Canonn Research Group.

Canonn Research Group
 ₿ϾŁṾ4 🕹 🇫🇷

Torval Orbital Established

Galnet News*Pilots Federation ALERT* A new starport has become operational in the LTT 198 system, following Senator Zemina Torval’s mining initiative. Torval Orbital will serve as the administrative headquarters for Torval-Mastopolos Mining. The company successfully competed against Wreaken Corporation to establish a presence within LTT 198. Marlon Royce, business analyst for...

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Pharma Giant Begins Onionhead Project

Galnet News*Pilots Federation ALERT* Neomedical Industries has requested deliveries to produce onionhead gamma strain for Alliance and independent systems. The new variant of the popular psychedelic drug is currently sold in a handful of independent systems by the Kumo Crew syndicate. The IHO has confirmed that the product does have many...

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Federation Criticised by Alliance and Empire

Galnet NewsAlliance and Imperial leaders have responded to the recent wave of Federal systems declaring independence. Eight factions have now severed ties with the Federation, in response to government surveillance of all private and public communications. In an interview with The Alliance Tribune, Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran remarked: “The Proactive...

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3307 Aug.

Hyford’s Cache Reveals Mysterious Project

Galnet News*Pilots Federation ALERT* A data bank left by a crashed vessel on the moon Colonia 5 e a has reactivated, revealing clues as to its origin. The crash site was first discovered over four years ago via listening posts in the Colonia, Neche and Wasat systems. These posts held transmissions...

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Corporation Plans Onionhead Medical Product

Galnet NewsThe pharmaceutical giant Neomedical Industries aims to mass-produce onionhead gamma strain as a medicine. The announcement follows a report from the Interstellar Health Organisation, which details how the new onionhead variant is an effective treatment for many psychological and musculoskeletal conditions. Olwyn Kendrick, CEO of Neomedical Industries, told the media:...

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 Sandra Kishi Glenn

Fort Asch

Canonn Research GroupFort Asch is a large abandoned surface base on HIP 22460 7 c formerly run by Azimuth Biochemicals as part of Project Seraph – an attempt to make human controlled Thargoid ships. To get access to HIP 22460 you may need to get the system permit – available by scanning the Listening Post (Beacon) in... The post Fort Asch first appeared on Canonn Research Group.

Canonn Research Group

Oaken Point

Canonn Research GroupOaken Point is an abandoned base, part of Project Seraph – an attempt to allow humans to control Thargoid ships run by Azimuth Biochemicals. It can be found in HIP 26176 on planet A 5 i (scan the planet with the Detailed Surface Scanner and then you might need to drop out of supercruise to... The post Oaken Point first appeared on Canonn Research Group.

Canonn Research Group

Marlinists Regroup in Civil War Aftermath

Galnet NewsThe Marlinist Colonies are recovering from a period of political infighting and inter-faction conflict. Octavia Volkov has been voted in as the new first minister following a snap election. Her decisive action against Aaron Whyte’s Neo-Marlinist movement, which led to the elimination of the NMLA’s political wing, drew huge support...

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Mining Campaign Success for Zemina Torval

Galnet News*Pilots Federation ALERT* The Torval-Mastopolos Mining initiative in the LTT 198 system has outperformed Wreaken Construction’s rival campaign. Pilots delivered mined resources to the megaships Pride of Bitterwood and Tobias’s Gift to support the competing corporations. Ultimately, it was the new subsidiary of Mastopolos Mining that received the greatest quantities....

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Onionhead’s Medical Benefits Verified

Galnet NewsThe Interstellar Health Organisation has validated the Kumo Crew’s claim that onionhead gamma strain, also known as ‘helix’, has medicinal properties. Dr Nisha Devi, one of the IHO’s senior researchers, told the media: “We have analysed user data in the independent systems where onionhead gamma strain is on sale. Unexpectedly,...

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A Fractured Federation

Galnet NewsShadow President Felicia Winters has claimed that further systems declaring independence could severely damage the Federation. Her statement was in response to the conflict in the Kuwembaa system, which resulted in more Federal factions seceding from the superpower. Dozens of others are now openly considering breaking away and becoming independent....

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Conspiracy Theorist Finds Network Home

Galnet NewsIndependent journalist Flint ‘Firemaker’ Lafosse has announced that the Rewired network will broadcast Kit Fowler’s conspiracy-laden show End Times. Lafosse, notorious for his own sensationalist claims, announced: “Finally, someone else who sees things as they really are! Kit Fowler’s perceptive views match his technical genius. By retransmitting his End Times...

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Organic Scanning Guide

Canonn Research GroupIn this guide we will show you some tips and techniques for finding surface biology using the latest incarnation of the detailed surface scanner and how to quickly gather the required three scans per species so that you can sell the data at Vista Genomics and work your way up to the coveted Exobiologist Elite... The post Organic Scanning Guide first appeared on Canonn Research Group.

Canonn Research Group

Anti-NMLA Forces Win Marlinist Civil War

Galnet News*Pilots Federation ALERT* The conflict in the Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2 system has been won by the Exiled Marlinist Assembly of Baltah’Sine. Support from independent pilots played a key role in defeating the Marlinism Reformation Party. The faction’s entire leadership has been arrested, with their replacements vowing to reshape it...

Galnet News

LTT 198 Hosts Competing Mining Campaigns

Galnet News*Pilots Federation ALERT* Torval-Mastopolos Mining and Wreaken Construction have requested deliveries of mined resources to the LTT 198 system. LTT 198 State Ltd, its controlling faction, will only allow one of the rival corporations to remain permanently. The company with the most successful campaign will establish a new starport in...

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Leaked Report Exposes Aegis Failures

Galnet NewsThe Aegis board of inquiry’s initial findings have been leaked to journalists, with several problems within the anti-xeno organisation detailed in the files. Vox Galactica journalist Alexei Keel reported on its contents: “The independent inquiry into Aegis is in its early stages, making this disclosure of delicate information all the...

Galnet News
 Michael Cowley

Rival Corporations Compete in LTT 198

Galnet NewsTorval-Mastopolos Mining and Wreaken Construction have both established a presence in the LTT 198 system. Marlon Royce, business analyst for Vox Galactica, reviewed the situation: “It is highly unusual for two megacorps to set up new headquarters in the same place. But Mastopolos Mining and Wreaken Construction have always competed...

Galnet News

Onionhead Legality Sparks Debate

Galnet NewsThe introduction of onionhead gamma strain by the Kumo Crew has reignited long-running arguments around the popular psychedelic drug. An interview with Zander Lachance, spokesperson for the Coalition for Legalisation, was published by Vox Galactica: “I have yet to see evidence that onionhead is more harmful than common recreational substances....

Galnet News

Marlinist Civil War Declared

Galnet News*Pilots Federation ALERT* Conflict has erupted in the Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2 system between two factions of the Marlinist Colonies. The Exiled Marlinist Assembly of Baltah’Sine has declared war against the Marlinism Reformation Party, which acts as the political wing of the NMLA. Political relations degenerated into open combat following...

Galnet News

Victory Against Federation for Independent Factions

Galnet News*Pilots Federation ALERT* New Kuwembaa Labour has successfully seceded from the Federation and inspired other systems to declare independence. The conflict in the Kuwembaa system ended with Federal loyalists Li Chotep for Equality being defeated. As a result, all systems controlled by New Kuwembaa Labour will remain independent. This has...

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Aegis Probed by Board of Inquiry

Galnet NewsAn investigation into the tri-superpower organisation Aegis is seeking to establish the reasons for its failures. Dr Paul Baumann, chair of the independent board of inquiry, outlined its scope: “The initial phase is to fully understand the work of Aegis, before examining strategic and operational decisions. Interviews with senior staff...

Galnet News

Zemina Torval Creates New Corporation

Galnet NewsA new independent branch of Mastopolos Mining has been established by its controlling shareholder, Senator Zemina Torval. The megacorp is owned by the powerful Mastopolos family, and operates throughout the Empire and beyond. However, Torval’s position as a majority shareholder has allowed her to exert a strong influence on its...

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Tensions Inflamed in Marlinist Colonies

Galnet NewsThe bombing of two Marlinist starports by the NMLA has caused political rifts and public protests across the colony systems. Local newsfeed The Marlin Standard reported on current events: “Our entire society is still reeling in shock after last week’s attacks against Stillman Hub and Tilman Point stations. There has...

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Thargoid Cultists Prepare for Religious Voyages

Galnet NewsThree megaships are being populated by the Far God cult, part of their latest effort to recruit members and find their alien deity. The first vessel, the Testament, will serve as a missionary ship and journey throughout the core systems, attempting to convert new followers to the Thargoid-worshipping sect. While...

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 CMDR Chris Xander 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Federal Forces Combat New Rebellion

Galnet News*Pilots Federation ALERT* In the Kuwembaa system, the Federation is fighting to prevent further factions from declaring independence. New Kuwembaa Labour has broken ties with the Federation in protest against the government’s civil surveillance programme. Li Chotep for Equality, a local Federal faction, has been tasked to degrade the rebelling...

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Superpowers Respond to New Onionhead

Galnet NewsThe Alliance, Empire and Federation have clarified their official positions regarding the emergence of onionhead gamma strain. All variants of the popular psychedelic drug remain illegal within Federal space. Ambassador Jasmina Halsey, who was president in 3300 when the ruling was made, announced: “I am pleased that my decision to...

Galnet News

Marlinists in Crisis After Starport Bombings

Galnet NewsThe NMLA’s attacks against the Marlinist Colonies have caused mass casualties, disruption and political chaos. More than 35,000 civilians were killed in the attacks, with twice as many suffering injuries and caustic burns. Safeguard Interstellar is providing vital supplies to survivors, and evacuations of Stillman Hub and Tilman Point stations...

Galnet News
3307 Jul.

Rebellion Spreads Across Federal Systems

Galnet NewsNew Kuwembaa Labour, which controls five systems, has triggered a second wave of secession by severing ties with the Federation. Following the victory of the Azaladshu Free, a minority of Federal factions are breaking away from the superpower in protest against its civil surveillance laws. Governor Sonal Mishra of New...

Galnet News

Far God Megaship Initiative Concludes

Galnet News*Pilots Federation ALERT* Independent pilots have supported the Far God cult by delivering commodities to the Panjabell system. The Pleiades Concordat paid for shipments of auto fabricators, emergency power cells and insulating membrane transported to Moore Hub station. These will be used to outfit megaships that will be populated by...

Galnet News

NMLA Attacks Marlinist Starports

Galnet News*Pilots Federation ALERT* The NMLA has bombed two starports in the HIP 22550 and Hyades Sector RO-P b6-6 systems in the Marlinist Colonies. Explosive devices were detonated at both Stillman Hub and Tilman Point stations. As is characteristic of weapons used by the NMLA, caustic enzyme payloads caused widespread corrosive...

Galnet News

Aegis Investigated After Megaship Loss

Galnet NewsThe superpowers have partly suspended Aegis and authorised an inquiry into the Alexandria megaship, which disappeared in hyperspace. Freelance journalist Alexei Keel reported on this development for Vox Galactica: “Public opinion regarding Aegis has always been chequered, but its founding governments insisted that it played a vital defensive role against...

Galnet News

Federal Surveillance Sabotages Independence

Galnet NewsCommunications intercepted by the Proactive Detection Bureau are being used to prevent further factions from leaving the Federation. A report by the civil rights organisation Advocacy proves that the Federal Intelligence Agency is targeting pro-independence individuals via their private messages. In many cases, they are being arrested for planning to...

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New Onionhead Variant Reaches the Market

Galnet News*Pilots Federation ALERT* Onionhead gamma strain is now available in selected industrial anarchy systems. Following the Kumo Council’s initiative, enough product was manufactured to supply approximately 10% of all industrial-based markets controlled by anarchic factions. Unlike previous versions of onionhead, this variant is not listed as a rare commodity. Adalyn...

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