Journal de bord

Cmdr Kyle Donovan
Messager, Commercant, Explorateur, Mineur, Contrebandier, Mercenaire, Assassin, Chasseur de primes
The Logbook of Commander Kyle Donovan. Mercenary, Smuggler, Freelance Peacekeeping Officer.

Entrée #2272 / 13 Aug 3301 / Système Kamadhenu

Vessel: Python AMS Rock Star

Pirate patrol in local systems. Dispatched pirate vessels ranging in grouping and size from single sidewinders to an ambush by three anacondas.  Anacondas were difficult. Rock Star suffered explosive decompression in dispatching final attacker. Was able to make an emergency landing at a nearby station.  All crew (me) accounted for safe and sound.

Encountered two pirates claiming to be federal agents in the employ of Felicia Winters. Implications of this, if true, are disturbing.  Pirates dispatched with minimal effort. Bounties collected were minimal. 800 credits total.

Successfully evaded interdiction by a wing of three pirates flying Imperial vessels claiming to be under contract to Li Yong Rui's SiriusGov.  Striking at the heart of Arissa Lavigny-Duval's territory is quite the bold move.  Are these acts of overzealous pilots, or probing attacks for something more?

Personally, my opinion on the current state of affairs in the galaxy appears to be one of... increasing instability.  In the aftermath of the Federal One disaster, with Winters promising to keep the investigation going... the moment she ascended to the shadow presidency, she killed the investigation.  Then there's the recent death of the Federal One chief investigator in a freak docking accident.  To say that one of the top transportation safety officials was on a shuttle destroyed by blatant disregard of docking protocol?  There's coincidence, and then there's coincidence.

Then there's the Emperor's assassination... I can't shake the feeling that the assassin was a dupe.  Given Denton Patreus' association with Aisling Duval, and Aisling's experimentation with direct mind control at her "art exhibition"... it makes a suspicious mind wonder.  And believe me, I have no love of Denton Patreus. He's the Galaxy's biggest payday loan lender. All the charm of a used car salesman, ascended to the top of Imperial society. Well... cream isn't the only thing that floats to the top.

Entrée #2259 / 11 Aug 3301 / Système Delkar

Vessel:  Imperial Clipper SSV (Formerly HSCElegant Chaos

Have briefly returned to the Delkar area to assist a friend in learning the ins and outs of bounty hunting.  Patrolled High-Intensity RES of Delkar 7's A-Ring.  Vessel performed admirably and responsively, even with increased weight of secondary SCB system.  Rendered assistance to five vessels under attack, a security patrol that appeared to be in over their heads, and eliminated 28 separate pirate vessels ranging in mass from Imperial Courier to Cobra Mk III.  Will soon be returning to the area of HIP 20277 in order to safeguard local stability.

Entrée #2246 / 09 Aug 3301 / Système HIP 20277

Vessel: Imperial Clipper HSC Elegant Chaos

Have relocated to HIP 20277 for the time, to establish new hunting grounds and trading networks.

Entrée #2245 / 09 Aug 3301 / Système Delkar

Vessel:  Imperial Clipper HSC Elegant Chaos

Achieved Elite combat status while defending mining vessels at the transfer point of Delkar 6A.