Journal de bord

Cmdr Jurre
Commercant, Explorateur
Cmdr Jurre's exploring log

Entrée #2283 / 14 Aug 3301

Exploration stop at HIP 17044, forgot to write down the time i was there , need to remember to keep a complete log.

Then I moved on to Maia.

Once arrived at Maia @ about 20:29 the huge number of stars clearly pointed to a high gravity force being present in the system thus I started the advanced scanner array  with full power. And at the end 49 Stellar objects popped up on the array scanner screen. After a quick check of the data from the scan it was clear that a black hole was present in the current system. So I decided to do a full detailed scan of every object while closelly monitoring all instrumentation readouts to avoid being sucked up in that black hole. 

Clock says 22:44, and I just completed the full system scan all 49 objects have been scanned, Exploring Jay's storage is filling up will all the scanning data that has been collected during this trip. Time to plan navigation to the nearest station.

Looking up possible candidates I decide to head for 64 Arietis system, an Industrial system hosting 6.3 M habitants at a mere 176.92 Ly from my current location. Next I check my fuel reserves and definitely must stop somewhere to scoop some more fuel. A quick check on the star maps and see there are lots off scoopables in my route so I don't worry about fuel for the moment.

I complete configuration of the navigation systems, and off I go to 64 Arietis.

Information for new systems sent to navigator project while navigating systems:

*Pleiades Sector VU-O B6-1

*Pleiades Sector RO-Q B5-1

*Pleiades Sector IH-V C2-11

*Pleiades Sector VU-O B6-3

*HIP 16440

*Aries Dark Region GW-W D1-34

*Aries Dark Region MS-T C3-11

*Arietis Sector DV-Y B3

Entrée #2266 / 12 Aug 3301

After a night sleep ready to continue where we left of at FTL 20.

New systems added to the Star Collector:

*Arietis Sector HW-W C1-8

*Arietis Sector LH-V B2-1

*Arietis Sector FQ-Y B4

*Aries Dark Region TE-P B6-1

Entrée #2264 / 11 Aug 3301

After a long period of rest due to injury from last ship checkup. I decided to pick up the explorers outfit again. So I prepped my trusty "Explorin Jay" and flew out from Goldstein Port. Heading toward system Maia.  I know that this is just a step outside the front door for the veteran explorers out there, but I will go much further. The long stop on my exploring ventures have made me a bit rusty so I need to get back into it.

Just after my first 2 jumps I'm already being interdicted, at being fired at the time i pop out of SC, I do hate those trigger happy pilots out there.

Systems Passed today, that I registered in the open source navigator system I have installed on my auxiliary nav computer:

* COL 285 Sector US-Z A43-4

* COL 285 Sector KV-E A41-2

* Alrai Sector EQ-P A5-3

* COL 285 Setor QQ-N A36-O